As a Malaysian Company, Do you need a website?

As a Malaysian Company, Do you need a website?

Due to The Covid-19 pandemic Strikes and MCO/PKP have limited our movement, more and more Malaysian Companies start to bring their service online. In such case, there’re probably have a few questions in your mind.

  • “What is a company website?”
  • “Do my business need a company website?”.
  • “I have a Facebook page, Do I still need company website?”

Be patient, we will try to tackle each of the question with some real life case study to help people by understanding – What is a Company Website and How does it benefit to your Business. We hope that you are able to get the message at the end of this Article.

What is a Company website?

Imaging you have a few of documents or papers wrote about your company information, provided services and goods. These documents will place to the cloud and make it online. Basically these is the whole idea of Company Website.

Throughout the online website, your client, would be able to access your “Company Profile” so in form of Website, anywhere, anytime within a few clicks.

Do my business need a Company Website?

As a Malaysian Company, was it necessary to have a website? ask yourselves a very simple question.

Is my company towards B2B, B2C, or C2C ?

For B2B (Business-to-Business) Companies, we do advise you that Website is a must. Most of the Malaysian, when come to look into professional service, they will go for Google Search instead of sourcing on Social Media such as Facebook pages.

In this case, a good Company Website will have an opportunity to reach out the new client. Without a Company Website, you will be missing out the chance of meeting New-Potential-Clients.

The reason why user go to Google instead of Facebook, it’s because it always show professional image. It will given a better confidence level to the audience. At the same time, it will bring your one-step-closer to your hidden potential customer.

Besides, It can have more informative content. Through a well presentable web page with concise UX & UI design (User Experience & User Interface), it makes your audience have a more focus, precise understanding towards your Professionalism and Unique Selling Point that you would offer to them. Let your 24/7 Online Salesman (The Website) who do the talking.

Company Website is like

a Low Cost Sales Office that Engage with Client

and Website Design will be your Salesman

Unlike Social Media, audience will be easier to lost focus on your content. Content flow was limited within the platform when you need to elaborate more on your product & services.

Compare with Social Media (Facebook, Instagram, etc.), Company Website build more trust. Due to Social Media only require a low threshold to create a new account or fan pages. Unlike website, All domain registered under .my have to register from MYNIC with a legally registered SSM account and details. The source is always trust-able and certified by related government management.

I have a Facebook page, Do I still need Company Website?

If your business model is B2C (Business-to-Consumer) or C2C (Consumer-to-Consumer), therefore a Company Website is not necessary. Especially for those localized services such as if you are running a hawker center, or maybe an insurance agent.

We will recommend B2C or C2C Business Owners to focus on Social Marketing, especially on Facebook due to most of the population in Malaysia is still comfort with the platform up to 2020.

Few of the strategy to take notes is to build up Facebook review, rating and encourage your client leave a comment on your Facebook Page. Because Facebook rating and review is the only way for new customer judging your service quality at the first glance.

but it’s always good to have a Company Website. As mentioned, it will build up your customer’s confidence level towards your product and services. What so ever, maintaining a Company Website cost is actually low if you looking for a long run business.

Your Company Website is your image

If you have No Company Website

You have No image.

Company Website is an online signboard, so let them know who you are.

Case study 1:

Folo Tech Sdn. Bhd. is a company provide copier machine rental & services.

Imaging, as a business owner rent an office and deal a lot of document work. Apparently office will need a good quality copier machine. As mentioned, most of the business owner will look professional service through online, via Google Search. In this case, a well design, informative website presentation will standout with competitor.

A well design landing page, with call button and email show on top. Customer will know where to engage them.
The website show informative product specifications. With transparent price, audience will have more confidence to it.

Case study 2:

Bubble Tea Shop, as a Malaysian mostly know The Alley. From The Alley website, It has a comprehensive branch location and product menu. throughout with a clear UI/UX design, audiences are more convenient to find out the info they need. By comparing with Facebook, the interface only lead the audience to check on the map.

Throughout nice UX and UI design, client more easier to find out all the branch information.
Facebook showing all the location in map. Will have difficulty to find out exact location.

Case Study 3:

In Malaysia, 7-ELEVEN stores are everywhere. Generally 7-11 customer won’t go to their website, but what’s the purpose for 7-11 having a company website?

There are 2 main reason. 7-ELEVEN is a listed Company on Bursa Malaysia. According to the Public Listed rules in Malaysia, Stock listed company must have a website.

And of course, people who would like to invest on a retail shop, they probably will go to 7-ELEVEN Official Site and look for the franchise enquirer. Here is how a Company Website is at perfect place to show all the information such as franchises requirement, or basic FAQ.


In short, for Business with B2B model, having company website is a must. Since it will build up professional image of your organization, and most of the business owner will look for professional service from Google instead of Social Media.

For B2C, Company Website is not necessary, but is a good-to-have references to them. Kind of another exposure of your business opportunity.

Own a Website, with well content, nice UI and UX design to lead your target audience have better understanding, confident level to your company.

And most importantly. Your client may find out you through online.




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