6 steps to build a website from scratch 2021 – Design, Planning, SEO

6 steps to build a website from scratch 2021 – Design, Planning, SEO

We have been in the website industry for more than 10 years, there is always a question from NON-IT background people. How is the company website done? What process will go through to make a website? What is the complete website standard operating process (SOP)? 

First, the whole process from zero to a delicate website wasn’t easy, it needed a different type of professional skill set. From planning, copywriting, SEO keywords, design, development, server hosting, domain IP to form a presentable website. But, we try to break it down into sections so even NON IT Background people could have a general idea of it. There are

  1. Understanding
  2. Content & SEO Planning
  3. Design & Develop 
  4. Hosting Deployment
  5. Feedback Review
  6. Live & Monitor

Website isn’t just programming, it includes design, marketing, content, and most important, SEO.


As the previous article mentions, we encourage B2B business to have a company website. From a Business wise perspective, understanding your own business strengths and weaknesses is very important. And not only understand, able to speak out loud, presentable to others, and the audience understand your words. Since they’re not any other people in this world, they will know your business more than you do. 

Besides, knowing your own customers’ needs is also very important. Use your own power or capabilities to provide service or product to customers. Show how good your service or products are, how to help customers resolve daily cursive. Truthly understand what your customer needs.

Content & SEO Planning

When it comes to content planning. Always remember the objective or goal of the website. Let your website speak for you. Therefore, we need to decide how many pages will need to present your own. Generally most websites will have the following pages, there’re 

  • Home – hero image, overview of service/ product, contact
  • About Us – a little bit of the history of the company, when it started business, vision and mission. 
  • Product/Service – detailly describe the goods provided. 
  • Contact Us – location of the office, warehouse and so on

As we know, different industries have very “technical”, “unique” or “special” key terms for it. In content planning. We have to find the right words from marketing trends. We always call, `search keywords out of SEO ocean`. Especially for the home page, the words have to be more layman terms. As simple, as direct as it can. At the mean times. SEO elements have to blend into those words or key phrases.  

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Design & Development

This process will involve 2 parts of the job. Web designers will draft out the overview of the website, so called “mockup”, and the web developer will transform the mockup into a static website. 

From the design part, a new artwork born here. Mostly, designers will sketch the image by using adobe photoshop or adobe Illustrator. First impression, don’t need to say, everyone knows it is important. Nevertheless, the first impression of the website, According to CXL research.  only takes 17 million seconds to make the first impression. 

Is not only “Good Looking”, it has to be more user friendly. Let the viewer read the website in a very smooth and good mode. Let them want to understand you more through websites. In fact, from an SEO perspective, the time users are willing to spend on your website, the SEO ranking will get higher. 

From the Developer part, is how the magic works. It transforms from image to website. Different from the design part. Developers have to take care of different sizes of the website, so called responsive websites. As you know, in these worlds, there’s so much of the device with different size, resolution. 

In the market there’re many frameworks we can make use of. WordPress, joomla or drupal are the very popular choice to help with common company websites. Overall to say, the website will build in different pieces of files, so call .html. 

Performance is one of the keys as well. We have to optimize the website during the development cycle. So the audience won’t “run away” during meaningless waiting loading time.  1 seconds is an acceptable speed to load the website. 20 seconds is like a nightmare. 

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Hosting Deployment

We know the words `hosting`, you guys have heard this alot. But what is hosting? What does it have to do with domain? Try to understand in this way. Host is a place, a memory  location to keep files, domain is an easy memorized name for it. 

We will purchase hosting from a hosting provider. There’re many packages of hosting, but for normal websites or kick start, shared hosting might be a good choice. There are few malaysia hosting providers such as Exabytes, Shinjiru, WebServer, Hostinger, ICore and so on.  after the developer programs those code into files, we will put these files into hosting. Also known as, put the file to the cloud. By this time, although the files are on cloud, but still, there are still no people who have the way to access the website. That’s why domains help here. 

So you will also need to buy domain from the same hosting provider. Try to pick a nice name, normally it goes with the company name. For instance, the website you’re viewing now. 😉 Hosting providers will use DNS pointing the website files with the domains. Start from now, your website is only officially viewable to other people. 

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Feedback Review

Feedback review is extremely important. It Is the final chance to change your website before publishing it to the whole world. Don’t get this wrong. The website is on the cloud, but when it isn’t linked with the SEO setup, it won’t appear in Google Search. We will talk about this for the final section.

After the websites in the cloud, try to find a few people to give u different opinions. To check any blind spot that wasn’t considered before. Discussion with the team and do some adjustment. Make the website closer to the goal. 

SEO Configure & Monitor

Here comes the final step. Once everything is ready, we will set up the SEO account on the website. So when there are people visiting your website, it will have some statistical data in the report. 

From time to time, we will need to review the monthly report, you may find out how many people visit per month. Among these people, how many people use mobile or PC. Based on the result, we may try to adjust the content, layout or design to get more and more visitors. 

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SEO will be the key achievement of a website. Without a proper SEO setup, your website will be kept in the drawer only.


Building a company website isn’t easy. There’s still more detail which we can’t describe in words. It involves too many parts of professional skill sets. But don’t be afraid to try it. Once it starts, things will happen naturally. Or, you may find a professional team to help you with it. Try to contact us




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